April Goal: Plan a Summer Wardrobe

March was a fail. An epic, epic fail. I did not update the blog. I did not complete my goal. I can blame illness (a stomach bug that knocked me out for a week). I can blame the busyness of other random projects. But honestly, I think I got lazy.

A month lost is not a year lost, however, so I’m jumping back on the horse for April and setting a new monthly goal: To plan a summer wardrobe.

I’ve never been much of a fashionista, though I’ve always wished I was. I spend a lot of time drooling over clothes that I love, but I rarely made the effort to convert my wardrobe to the pieces I dream about. Until now, I’ve been hesitant over a few things:

  • Money: How can I possibly afford a whole new wardrobe? I’ll have to get creative– by making and thrifting as many things as I can!
  • Spontaneous Purchasing: I tend to buy things impulsively (usually on sale) and then realize after the fact that they don’t work with my ideal style… so off they go into the corner of my closet to keep the dust bunnies company until they make the inevitable trip to GoodWill. No more spontaneous buys! If I know what I’m looking for before I toss it in the cart, I’ll be less likely to fall into this trap.
  • Lack of Confidence: I never feel like I can pull off the amazing clothes that so many of favorite bloggers wear… but if I make careful decisions about what silhouettes and styles really look good on me, a new wardrobe will hopefully shake off these negative thoughts.

Sarai over at Colette Patterns has been doing a blog series called “The Wardrobe Architect” where she invites others to join her in developing a new wardrobe. I love the slow and steady pace she’s been taking, dedicating time and thought into each step of discovering individual style… from colors, to silhouettes to thoughtfully putting together a capsule wardrobe. Instead of trying to piece together tops and bottoms that I buy randomly, it sure would be nice to define my style first and THEN figure out the rest!

To avoid slacking off like I did last month, I’ve set specific goals (loosely following the Wardrobe Architect series) to meet throughout the month, and will post accordingly. The goals are as follows:

  • April 14th: Define my summer color palette and put together a mood board of my favorite styles
  • April 21th: Define my ideal silhouettes and put together a Polyvore┬áset of four outfits that match those guidelines
  • April 30th: Have my mini summer capsule wardrobe planned– including any sewing patterns I plan on using!

Now that my goals are set, it’s time to get cracking. Wish me luck!

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