January Goal: (Mostly) Complete

The month of January has officially past! My first goal was to design this website, and I managed to get it most of the way there…. but not all the way. I pushed the design live, even though it still needs some fine tuning. Below is a screenshot of the original photoshop mockup! If you are viewing this through a feed reader, please visit the site to see (most of it) it in action!



The overall site has been designed but it needs some cleaning up. I still need to fix the responsive/mobile versions of the design, and get my secondary pages spruced up. I hope to keep tweaking it this month and get it to a point of completion soon!

My biggest challenge: This month got tough when a huge work project started eeking it’s way into my nights and weekends. 10+ hours a day behind a computer can really take a toll on a girl! I really only had the last week of January to work on it, so I tried to cram a whole months worth of work into one week… a bit too ambitious.

What I learned: It’s hard to be creative on a project that feels like work. Even though I love design and I love building websites, if that is all I do all day every day I get burned out REAL quick.

So what’s next? I’ll reveal details about my February goal later this week. Stay tuned!

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