February Goal: Sew with Knits

My goal for the month of February is to learn how to sew with knits!

Why this goal?

About a year and a half ago, I started learning aerial silks. I joined a gym in town called Louisville Turners, which offers a wide variety of circus classes. I’ve been there off and on over the last couple years, but I still (very much) consider myself a beginner with a LOT to learn (and a lot of strength yet to build).

Aerial Silks

In addition to aerial silks, I started attending weekly aerial yoga classes. What is aerial yoga? Think traditional yoga, but with much more time spent upside-down, and plenty of three-feet-off the ground poses. Both of these classes require a special sort of wardrobe: tight fitting but comfortable clothes, sleeves to cover your armpits and tights or pants that cover your legs to keep yourself from getting silk-burns (yes, those happen, even WITH the proper clothing). Most traditional workout clothes don’t work for aerial arts because they are made out of slick-wicking material, which is great for running but bad when you need more friction for climbing. Non-slick yoga pants are usually wide legged– another no-no, as they can catch get tangled up during tricky moves.

Tree Pose, Aerial Style

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to sew my own circus wardrobe! The thing that has been stopping me is my fear of sewing with knits. I’ve done plenty of woven dresses and tops, but the one and only time I ever sewed with knits I ended up with a very sub-par garment.

How will I achieve this goal?

I plan on tackling this challenge with the help of a few resources. First of all, I purchased the class “Sewing with Knits” from Craftsy several months ago, and this challenge is the perfect reason to finally dig in to it. Included in the curriculum of the class are step by step instruction on making several different knit garments, a few of which will be perfect for aerial attire. Though the class focusses mostly on sewing with a regular sewing machine, I hope to also use this month to learn how to use the old Singer Serger my mother-in-law passed down to me a few years ago.

What will the end product be?

By the end of February I hope to make several aerial yoga and aerial silks appropriate pieces. In the order I hope to complete them:

  • A basic hoodie - For warmups in the FREEZING cold gym, particularly the yoga room. For the hoodie, I will be following along with Meg McElwee’s Craftsy class and using her included pattern.
  • Leggings – I will be using Cake Pattern’s Espresso Leggings pattern
  • A basic knit top – The trick is getting it tight enough that it doesn’t show belly when I’m upside-down, but loose enough not to restrict movement. I will be using another pattern featured in the Craftsy class.
  • Shorts - I like to layer-up in the winter, so a nice pair of knit shorts over leggings can make me feel a little bit better! This pattern will also come from the Craftsy class.


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