Too-Busy Syndrome

Like so many people out there, I have the whole “too busy syndrome” thing DOWN.

“What have you been up to lately?”
“Oh you know. Work and stuff and things. I’ve just been SO BUSY.”

….But when I really get to thinking… I realize that I really have very little to show for all that business. What exactly have I been spending all those busy hours doing?

Watching TV. Playing Sims on my phone. Making stupid faces at my dog. Planning out all of the projects I want to get done when I have more time to do them.


Before I got married, I told myself I was gonna whip myself back into shape. Just follow me here for a second. This story is relevant.

I took a few steps towards that fitness goal: I started eating a little better (most of the time), I started taking a few aerial arts classes, and I started doing pushups before bed. Then I got the bright idea that I was going to start Insanity. I got my hands on a copy and then psyched myself up… and I told everyone I was gonna start when my life got a little LESS BUSY. You know the drill.  “I’ll start next week… but then again, I should just wait until after the wedding (I just have too many other things to take care of)… then after my six-week yoga class is over (I can’t possibly do Insanity AND yoga at the SAME TIME)… then the weekend after my friends are in town (They can’t see me work out! They’ll get so bored!)… yadda yadda yadda.”

A YEAR passed and I was still just TOO BUSY to start the damn thing.

Then, one Sunday morning, I woke up, turned to my husband and said…. “This is it! I’m starting Insanity today.” And I did.

I went strong for four straight weeks, working out (almost) every day for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. I made it though an entire month and I didn’t fall short on any other obligations! What a shock, right?

Tackling that workout got me thinking about all the projects in my life that I “busy” myself out of. If I can get through a full month of non-stop Insanity, surely I can show the same sort of dedication to other things. (Preferably things that are a little less sweaty.)

I’ve decided to take this motivation and carry it over into a new personal game, of sorts. Starting in January of 2014, I am going to give myself a challenge to tackle over the course of one month. These challenges may range from completing an advanced knitting/sewing project, to learning a new instrument, to career-bettering tasks like building something in a new (to me) programming language or photo manipulation or designing a website just for fun. I want to make it entertaining for myself… and hopefully it will give me something better to show for all that “business,” besides a thorough knowledge of bad reality TV.

Then, there is THIS BLOG. Blogging. Becoming a blogger.

I love reading blogs, but I’m terrible and writing them. It’s because I hardly ever write anything anymore (besides work emails) and I feel like my communication skills are pretty rusty. It’s also because I’m intimidated by all those prolific crafter-bloggers who seem to knit two sweaters every day, design super interactive websites for five clients in five weeks, and still have time to take beautiful photos and write detailed notes about what they’re doing (not to mention work a full time job and take care of seventeen children).

I want to chronicle this “monthly challenge project” over the next year. As long as my motivation holds out, it will give me a good reason to blog. Hopefully, by blogging (semi) regularly, I’ll get better at writing too. Every month I will write (at minimum) three posts: One to state the challenge, one mid-month update, and one upon completion. If I happen to do anything else creative that month (like launching a website at work), there will be more than three posts.

So that’s it, folks! That’s my origin story for Stephanie Clark Creative. My very FIRST JANUARY GOAL is to actually design and build this website and blog (for those of you who don’t know design, the current setup is WordPress’ default theme) by the end of the month. That’s just another giant project I’ve been too busy to finish. You know. For the last two years.

Wish me luck my friends!

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